If you’re looking for the ultimate “Brain Hack” then you're in for a treat. E. P. therapy is how you can reprogram your brain to give you a new perspective. To increase your confidence, remove stress, OCD, ADHD, Anxiety, Insomnia, to change your thought process, to get rid of the negative views that hinder you and keep you back.
If you ever wished you could just look at the world differently then Eye Patch Therapy is what you've been looking for.

The Origins

Eye Patching Therapy was originally devised by Dr. Kaplan back in 1987 while improving eyesight through eye exercising. It was later discovered the eye exercises had a significant effect on the way people thought and how they looked at life. Further investigation showed how and why this was happening. See the article below called "How Eye Patching Works".

If you click on My Story page you can read exactly what it did for me personally and why I created Eye Patch Therapy to spread the word and help others become the people they always wanted to be.

Your Brain Explained!

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Simply put, your brain has two sides known as the left and right hemispheres. Communication between these two parts is in the form of neural messages. Those messages are handled by the Corpus Callosum.
Surprisingly the left side of your brain is responsible for the right side of your body. It’s also known as the Logical brain. On the other hand, the right side of your brain is referred as the creative side and handles the left side of your body. The signals from your right eye go directly into the left side of your brain and the signals from your left eye go directly into the right side of your brain.
This discovery was made by Nobel Prize winner psycho biologist Roger W Sperry in the 60's.

A Little on the Left

The left hemisphere allows you to think logically, rationally and critically, processing information chronologically, focusing on details and differences, and breaking information down into smaller chunks. This side of the brain is known for the materialistic point of view, and allows an individual to dwell in the physical world.

A Little on the Right

The right hemisphere is your creative side, your emotional side. It allows you to think non-rationally, metaphorically, intuitively and relatively, encompassing the whole. It connects information together and surpasses regular consciousness. It enables you to imagine, to have dreams and goals.

How Eye Patching Works

Eye Patching Therapy stops negative, obsessive thoughts mind chatter. It creates equilibrium between the left and right hemispheres resulting in a more balanced thought process. Negative thinking is mostly detrimental to your life and It’s often the result of habitual emotional right brain thinking which shows you the world through distorted , sometimes frightening, past memories and experiences. As complex as that may sound retraining your brain to start using both sides, known as “whole brain thinking” is actually a very simple and quick process.

Wearing our Eye Patch over your left eye while experiencing negative or compulsive thoughts will immediately slow down right hemisphere brain activity making it impossible for your brain to keeping going with the current thoughts and releasing you from the obsession or thought cycle. This offers fast relief to sufferers of depression, anxiety, OCD, Stress, Insomnia, ADHD and mind chatter.

The Ultimate Goal

Eye Patching is about achieving a balanced view of the world and creating “whole brain” thinking. To achieve this, you need to alternate between each eye and patch regularly until the imbalance is addressed. The effects of correct, regular patching can be substantial and life changing. Patching has the ability to provide you with a whole new perspective on life and over time, get you to view your past with a different mindset. It can improve your health, enhance your ability to find solutions, provide you with better emotional tools and let you focus on how to achieve what you really want from life.

Patching just seemed too simple to me the first day I was told about it. 2 years later it still seems that way to me but today I know something different. Today I know it works. The transformation this has had on my life and on the lives of others is truly transforming.

I really can’t emphasize enough how much this has worked for me. To get started with your own patch plan, the exact same patch plan that I used, then press the Buy Now button and start your own journey to your new life.

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