OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

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Please Stop, Please Stop, Please Stop

OCD affects all people differently and to varying degrees. As you read through my various articles on here you will see that throughout my life I have suffered with OCD, anxiety, stress and insomnia and as a result of it and my physical well being has been affected. Sometimes the stress is caused by factors that would, to other people seem irrelevant. For example, I am in the pub with a friend and although I am trying desperately to listen to their side of the conversation I am instead struggling to not reach over and move their beer so that it is placed more neatly in the centre of the beer mat rather than where it is currently sitting in the left corner.
If they do happen to have placed their beer just so, in the ‘correct’ place I could very well be distracted by counting the number of seats placed around the surrounding tables and struggling so hard to stay seated and not go move them to create the symmetry and uniformity that is so clearly needed. The result of all this, I may not be the best friend to try to have a meaningful conversation with as I am completely unable to give my undivided attention.

One Track Mind

These are just two examples and over the years obsessions like this have affected numerous relationships. Its uncontrollable thoughts that lead to obsessive behaviours that often other people simply do not understand and make no allowances for. Patching allowed my brain to work on a more level playing field. I could think more logically and quieten the internal emotional turmoil often caused by minor external situations that used to leave me feeling drained and upset if I was unable to remedy the situation.

Today I'm free from OCD. Patching has changed my perspective and quitened my racing, chattering mind.

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