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Do you think your child may be a sufferer of ADHD? Maybe you even suffer with it yourself. Here are some of the more common signs of ADHD to look out for:-

  • Cannot sit still or remain seared
  • Restless and always moving around
  • Talks excessively
  • Is unable to play quietly
    Impulsiveness – Often interrupts others
  • Has trouble waiting for the question to be finished before answering.
  • Is unable to wait his or her turn
    Inattention - Is too easily distracted
  • Has trouble following directions and following tasks
  • Has trouble organizing themselves.
  • Is unable to listen while others are speaking
  • Forgets about daily activities and tasks
  • Often loses things
  • Is often daydreaming
If your child is displaying some of the symptoms above, and you would like to try a natural unintrusive way to alleviate their symptoms, this is where eye patch therapy is going to make all the difference to your child’s life and yours too.

In ADHD sufferers, the right side of the brain is most dominant, so we have tailored a plan to even out the left and right sides of the brain to give the less dominant side a chance to wake up and connect in a way it wasn’t before. We have seen the results of this amazing programme time and time again, this has made such a difference to so many lives, we cannot emphasize this enough. We so wanted to share this wonderful programme with you all, please know your situation is not hopeless, and you are not alone.

We would love to hear your success stories, so please do keep in touch.

The Path Plan therapy is quickly becoming the “go to gift” for families of sufferers of ADHD, so if you are not personally affected, but would like to send a special gift to a family that is suffering, this would make a perfect present for them. Your gift will arrive at the address of your choice in a lovely box with full instructions and a 6 week patch plan to uplift and give hope.

To make your purchase today simply click the Buy Now button on any page of our website, add the appropriate delivery details and we will do the rest.

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